segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015

um afogamento (contado pelo chat)

Trecho de Leaving the Atocha Station, Ben Lerner, 2011:

ME: you there? what’s up in xalapa
CYRUS: Yeah. Went on a kind of trip this weekend. Planned to camp
ME: i was going camping here for a while
ME: hello?
CYRUS: I remember. It’s hard to imagine you camping, I must say. Anyway, we drove to the country to see some pueblos, walk around
ME: cool
ME: what did you see
CYRUS: There was a bad scene there
ME: you mean a fight with jane?
CYRUS: No. Although we’re fighting now, I guess
ME: stressful to travel together if you haven’t before
CYRUS: Well we were walking
ME: still there?
CYRUS: along a river and
CYRUS: I’m still here, yes. Jane wanted to swim, but I was a little worried about the current. Not to mention the water did not strike me as particularly clean
ME: my brother once picked up a parasite swimming in a lake and was sick for a month
CYRUS: Right. And Jane launched into this speech about — half joking — about how I was afraid of new experiences or something, how I was always happier as a spectator. Not a fight, just teasing, albeit
ME: i hate new experiences
CYRUS: emasculating teasing. Something about that being what was wrong with poets ME: the new poems are great, btw
CYRUS: I guess I should mention we were smoking a lot of that Acapulco Gold
ME: so what happened with
CYRUS: or whatever it is. Very staticky. Or at least I’d been smoking it. Vaguely reminiscent, incidentally, of certain Topeka strains, but more powerful. Anyway we walked along the river and it eventually opened out and where it was wider we encountered some people swimming
ME: americans?
CYRUS: Locals. There are no tourists here in winter, it seems
ME: right
CYRUS: There were two men swimming, or one swimming and one more like wading. The current looked pretty strong. One of the men, his girlfriend was on the bank — in a swimsuit — and he was trying to convince her to get in, to swim
ME: don’t like where this is going. she was scared of the current?
CYRUS: Maybe. Maybe just the cold
ME: what is the weather like there
ME: madrid: cold and raining constantly
CYRUS: Warm to hot. It was like 80. Which is unseasonably warm, I guess. The air is filthy. But the water still chilly. Anyway, Jane — we were on the opposite bank as the swimmer’s girlfriend — Jane wanted to swim
ME: she had a swimsuit?
CYRUS: and did get in the water, although I told her I didn’t think
CYRUS: Yes, we both had swimsuits on under our clothes. It was not, I told her, a good idea, because of the current
ME: knowing her, i’m sure that was a goad
ME: might egg her on
CYRUS: Yes. She got in and while the current was strong was fine. Then the other swimmers, they were saying to the girlfriend, see, this girl got in, no problem, and then Jane started telling me to come into the water. So there I was opposite the girlfriend on the bank, both of us being pressured by the swimmers to join them. The girlfriend and I kept looking at each other with nervous smiles
ME: if one of you got in the other would have to
CYRUS: I felt that
ME: a game of chicken. you two should have left the others and gone off and had
CYRUS: Or at least if she got in I would have to. But she probably could have remained on the bank 
ME: a wonderful life together!
ME: right. she would not be emasculated
CYRUS: but I was, I admit, feeling the pressure. Jane was there with these other men in the water, the current clearly manageable. I felt cowardly and American
ME: you have to stay strong — cowardice of your convictions
CYRUS: Yeah, well, I got in. The current was actually stronger than I imagined. There were pockets of strong current. Where the river narrowed a little farther down I could see what looked like serious rapids
ME: and then the girlfriend jumped in
CYRUS: not at first. But now everyone kind of turned to her. We’d all become one group, somehow. And her boyfriend had changed from teasing her to encouraging her, his arms open, lovingly — it’s fine, I promise, I’ll protect you, etc. We were
ME: how bad is this going to get?
CYRUS: also encouraging her, I think. And laughing and screaming at the cold she jumped in. She was fine at first
CYRUS: but as she kind of splashed around — she didn’t really know how to swim, it didn’t seem. I don’t know, she moved somewhat downriver where the current became pretty strong, and she was getting upset
ME: so someone went and helped her?
CYRUS: Things
CYRUS: things got very bad very fast. she went underwater for a second, and when she resurfaced, she was a little farther down and totally panicked
ME: jesus
CYRUS: She was screaming and water was
ME: jesus 
CYRUS: getting in her mouth and she was struggling against the current in the wrong way
ME: couldn’t somebody get her
CYRUS: Her boyfriend was trying but there were enough stones and other shit that it was taking awhile. And he wasn’t much of a swimmer either, didn’t know, I don’t think, what to expect from or how to manage the rapids. Jane tried to go
ME: tried catch her?
CYRUS: Yes. I held her back. As I was holding her back I saw the girlfriend go under again, then reemerge briefly another, I don’t know, ten feet down
ME: fuck CYRUS: where the rapids were intense, and then she was really swept downriver. So CYRUS: so Jane and I ran back onto the bank and to the truck and then, yelling something about what we were doing to the other swimmers — the friend was holding the boyfriend back who was now screaming — screaming in a very primal way, you understand — not screaming words. So we drove downriver hoping to get in front of her, to fish her out of the river or something
CYRUS: You there?
ME: i’m here
CYRUS: So we had to return to the main road and then floored it for a little while then jumped out of the truck and rushed back down to the water. We could still hear the boyfriend screaming
ME: but you got in front of her
CYRUS: The river had widened again and then there was some sort of dam, and she went over the dam before we could figure out what to do
ME: she was conscious?
CYRUS: She didn’t seem to be struggling. It was kind of hard to see, or at least it’s hard for me to remember. So we had to get back into the truck and drive farther down the river again — there was no other way
ME: go on
CYRUS: There was no other way
CYRUS: so on the other side of the dam there was a kind of pool — no current. And her body was there. And we rushed into the water and dragged her to the shore
ME: was she breathing
ME: so what did you
CYRUS: We laid her on the bank and I gave her or tried to give her mouth to mouth. She didn’t seem, I can’t really say what I mean by this, given that she wasn’t breathing, but she didn’t seem dead. Her white
ME: jesus, man
ME: i don’t even know how to give cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CYRUS: shirt, her undershirt, was pulled up over her head. I had to pull it back down over her breasts. Which was somehow embarrassing. She was cut up pretty bad
CYRUS: Neither do I, really. I tried. She kind of, I don’t know, threw up in my mouth
ME: you mean was revived — spit out water — so she was alive
CYRUS: No. There was vomit in her mouth I guess. And then I threw up onto the bank. She was dead
ME: jesus. i am so sorry you
CYRUS: I tried again. I didn’t know what I was doing. Our teeth, I can’t get this out of my mind, I accidentally clicked my teeth against her teeth at some point, like
CYRUS: like in a clumsy kiss or something. Prom. And I kept thinking of course that she had only got in the water because I had got in the water
ME: no way to blame yourself for any of this
CYRUS: And I was also worried that the cpr had killed her, I think I was pressing way too hard on her chest — or that
ME: what is jane doing during all of this
CYRUS: she would have been, at least, revived in better hands
CYRUS: I don’t really know. Helping me I guess
ME: so she was dead
CYRUS: She was dead
ME: fuck, man
ME: what did you do then
CYRUS: We could hear the boyfriend screaming again. Except now I think he was injured too. He was closer. He probably got in the water again and broke an arm or leg or whatever. But he was screaming “kill me” or something from the bank. He wasn’t screaming about his injuries. He knew she was dead
ME: what did you do
CYRUS: We took her body, Jane and I carried her body to the truck and raced toward the pueblo. We were maybe pretending a little to ourselves there was still something to be done, I mean, that fantasy was somewhere in our bodies — she was of course dead. But we, I mean, nobody had a phone
ME: i thought you had a cell phone
CYRUS: Broke a long time ago. So the first place we found that had people, phones, was a roadside restaurant a few minutes before the pueblo. We got out and I managed to scream out what had happened as I pointed to the body and a couple of men from the restaurant rushed out and helped us lay the body there, on the ground. Her eyes were wide open, by the way, and her mouth
ME: jesus
CYRUS: Various people gathered around, and somebody mentioned calling the police, and I guess we managed to communicate that there were others by the river — the injured boyfriend, his friend. A couple of people from the restaurant got in a car and went for them. And an old woman, she brought us some limes
ME: limes?
CYRUS: She brought us two lime wedges and said something about shock and that we should suck them and we did. Someone covered her with a blanket. I saw the pay phones and I had a calling card in the truck and I went to one of the pay phones in a daze. I think I threw up again. But I called my dad, I was desperate to ask him about the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to see if I had maybe killed her or at least missed an opportunity to save her. Something like that. I wasn’t
ME: you did everything you could. i’m so sorry
CYRUS: thinking clearly. And my teeth were chattering and each time they clicked I remembered her teeth
CYRUS: I did get my dad on the phone. Who knows what I sounded like. I was very confused, certainly. Sobbing. Managed to ask about the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if I had done it wrong. He reassured me, although I don’t remember what he said. That nothing was my fault. That she would have already choked on her vomit or something. Not that a psychiatrist knows anything about cardiopulmonary resuscitation. I also think he said something about my coming home
ME: none of this is in any way
CYRUS: I got off the phone and went back to the truck. One of the people who worked at the restaurant said we could go so we left
ME: your fault
ME: you didn’t wait for the police?
CYRUS: Fuck no. We just left. We drove back to the apartment in total silence. We had put our clothes back over our swimsuits but were dried off from the heat by the time we got home. Like I said it was in the 80s. But my teeth were still chattering
ME: you didn’t talk about what happened at all?
CYRUS: We did later. Kind of. After we showered, we both realized we hadn’t eaten all day and although I felt sick I felt hungry, really hungry. We went to a little restaurant near our place we always go to. We started WHICH know I hate but which helped get this taste out of my mouth. We talked about it then
ME: what did she say
CYRUS: The taste is back, by the way
CYRUS: She was shaken up in her way. She said she wished she’d never got in the water. But she also seemed excited. Like we had had a “real” experience
ME: i guess you had
CYRUS: Yeah but I had this sense — this sense that the whole point of the trip for her — to Mexico — was for something like this, something this “real” to happen. I don’t really believe that, but I felt it, and I said something about how she had got some good material for her novel
ME: is she writing a novel
CYRUS: Who knows
ME: and she responded how
CYRUS: She’s probably writing a novel now
CYRUS: She was quiet. I’m sure she was angry/hurt. Then she said something about how this just is the world, that things like this happen, that one can be as cautious as one wants, can waste one’s life being cautious, but that there is no avoiding the reality of death. I remember laughing at the phrase “reality of death” to show I thought it was an embarrassing cliché
ME: have you two made up
CYRUS: No. Yesterday we were both in the apartment reading and smoking but barely talked. We haven’t really spoken to each other today
ME: well, you both probably just need some time, right? i mean, this would shake anybody up
ME: i am really sorry
ME: about all of this
CYRUS: Thanks
CYRUS: How is Spain?